“Let The Bag Chase Me”

By Adriana Johnson

Showcasing Via Ivet Cosmetics

Before starting her journey as a entrepreneur the young & thriving 23 yr old Olivia CEO of Via Ivet Cosmetics was pursuing her degree in English & Creative Writing.Once she graduated Olivia began to work two jobs but it was bitter sweet, she felt the money was there but she was losing a battle with her mental health. One late night she decided to relax and enjoy some TikTok videos when she kept seeing all these amazing small lipgloss businesses and in that moment she decided to "let the bag chase her"

With no experience Olivia decided to work on educating herself by doing a lot of late night research to make sure she was prepared for her launch. While interviewing her she expressed that her biggest concern was being able to create the perfect formula so everyone would able to purchase her lipglosses, " I had to take into consideration that many people have allergies & I want to make sure that the ingredients we’re just perfect"

After a year of research, Olivia finally decided it was time to launch & Early February of 2020 Via Ivet Cosmetics was brought to life. When starting this journey she felt like her atmosphere changed, creating & building her small business is therapeutic she loves what she does so much sometimes words can’t explain.
Of course starting her business was not a walk in the park, Olivia like many other small business owners she did not have as much positive support from those close to her, many encouraged her not do it even said that she wouldn’t succeed but this didn’t stop her, all she needed was two very important people to believe in her which it was her mother & her brother who actually helps her with marketing & even making products.

Olivia uses her platform for more than just promoting her business, she wants to make sure to highlight issues many people go through such as mental health issues, depression, & assisting younger children in her birthplace of Honduras who are in need school supplies, clothing and much more.

So far Olivia has accomplished so many things that she is extremely proud of, even the small victories matter such as learning how to create your own website, to understanding that you shouldn’t devalue your products & knowing your own worth through your business.

Lastly Olivia has thought long an hard about the future of Via Ivet Cosmetics, she wants to be the second Latina to open her own shop down in Melrose Ave in Los Angeles,CA where she will have Sunday school to teach those who want to start their own business, and even expand to become a clothing brand she has a love for fashion. She left our interview with one message for you " Don’t question if you should start a business or not, Go for it! Put the time, energy into saving up and make your dreams come true"

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